available tension
explores the use and understanding of tension in its many forms related to movement / energy in communication. drawing from Kinetic Awareness® of intermedia-pioneer Elaine Summers, tension is used as a dynamic gift that can be used for any kind of style or code. Release is understood as an instrumental way of using tension. on a wider scale this practice can be applied to a dialogue with different approaches in dance, music, visual arts, architecture, drama, sociology etc. 
for more specific applications and the syllabus-in-progress, see dance-teaching

sensitive energy
continues this awareness to a next level, also with specific attention to the ongoing flow of emotions and their work in performance. the goal is to arrive at a holistic continuum where the most minute details can be sensed and evolved at any instant, potentially leading to con·sens·us. the image by Mary O' Donnell-Fulkerson of each human as a cloud of experiences, equally helped to originate this understanding  for the full description of this image, click here

is created from the sensorial interaction of mover(s) with each other, and/or the environment. the goal is to ever refine response-ability. like the other two practices, it uses all levels sensation and action.

see con-sens-us.net for the start of this practice as a dance-project

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