• bridging technique
   a framework for training the (ever) developing dancer :
  from organic, release-based, somatic understanding
  to 'classical' geometric forms, and beyond ...

  more about this technique


  video recorded at SKVR Dansschool, Rotterdam, February 2020.
  with Elie Nassar and Eltjo Felix de Graaf.

   logo Circle Dance   CLOUD Den Haag / The Hague
  taught at De Studio Rotterdam, Circle Dance Rotterdam, CLOUD at Danslab (Den Haag)
Korean National University of Arts (Dept. Choreography, Seoul)
  Fontys Academy of Circus and Performing Arts (ACAPA, Tilburg)
  Codarts (Dept. CircusArts, Rotterdam)


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· Kinetic Awareness®

re-connect with your body & learn more about your 'instrument' for dance
  in a safe and supportive environment

  explore your unique anatomy and physiology through your movement-sense
  release "frozen" tension and make it entirely your own
  prevent injuries and learn to heal actual ones

   photo ©2010 by Jan van der Ploeg - used with kind permission

  private sessions by appointment

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 rainbow trajectory

dance technique available tension

   bridging technique
   a comprehensive and sustainable approach
   to develop and re-form your dance technique
   following your personal abilities & interest
  • always move from your body-sense
  • increase alignment, coordination and tension levels to the best possible level, at every moment
  • work on fundamental patterns for specific shapes & movements
  • play with spatial directions into wild complexity and dynamics ...

   when applied to European "Western" classical ballet,
   it becomes hyper.ballet

   the syllabus and exercises are created from synthesizing principles of : 

   - Release (Mary O'Donnell-Fulkerson)
   - Kinetic Awareness®
   - Developmental Movement / BodyMindCentering®
   - European Classical Ballet, Laban Movement Analysis
   - the approach of Merce Cunningham
   - Eshkol-Wachmann spatial language
   > complete information and syllabus
   > article with a critical evaluation,
      National Centre Performing Arts (NCAP)

      originally published in the journal of the Dutch Association for Dance Research, Vol. 9

     special thanks to the Kinetic Awareness® Center, ArtEZ School of Dance /EDDC, the National Korean
        University of Arts (KNUA) / Dept. of Choreography, Rotterdamse Dansacademie / Codarts, School for New
        Dance Development /SNDO,Fontys Dansacademie, SKVR Dansschool, Circle Rotterdam, and CLOUD at Danslab
        for providing spaces of experimentation in the (recent) past.

   optionally included :
  • Masunaga / Zen-Shiatsu stretches
    rebalancing from the inner organs
    based on traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine

  • Open Form Composition
    strategies to get the best of improvisation and composition
    in a single perspective

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